Fire Safety Regulations Have Changed
Is Your Business Still Compliant?

As of 1st October 2023, fire safety regulations have changed, and your fire risk assessment may be missing some vital information.

We are delighted to introduce you to our sister company, FSS South which provides fire risk assessments to customers throughout the New Path group of fire and security companies.

Don't compromise on safety; choose FSS South.

Using Institute of Fire Engineer Registered Assessors, FSS South helps businesses maintain fire safety compliance, providing peace of mind for people and premises.

  • Dedicated to safety and excellence
  • Nationwide fire risk assessments
  • Ensure your employees’ safety
  • Protect your business from the downtime caused by fire damage
  • Guaranteed compliance with current fire safety regulations

Contact our colleagues at FSS South to book your risk assessment today.

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Fire Risk Assessments: Your Legal Responsibilities

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Responsible Person

Each building has a ‘responsible person’, usually the owner or manager, who is responsible for conducting or arranging a fire risk assessment.

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All workplaces should have a completed and documented fire risk assessment. All findings should be recorded.

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Appropriate Action

You must take appropriate action on findings of the fire risk assessment to help mitigate the risk of fire

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Insurance Compliance

Your insurance will require you to have completed a fire risk assessment, otherwise they may not pay out.