CCTV vs manned security – The benefits of going remote

CCTV vs manned security – The benefits of going remote

Deciding on a security solution is a more complicated affair than it once was. These days, there are so many options and technologies to consider that it’s no longer simply a case of deciding who to choose but what to choose.

The most fundamental choice is whether to opt for a physical presence or to install a monitored CCTV system that can be monitored remotely. The latter is increasingly becoming the default solution for many businesses, but why is CCTV so popular and what does it have to offer that a manned security solution cannot?


Employing on-site guards can offer a sense of satisfaction; that there is always somebody around to deal with any potential trouble. But they require a salary and in order for round-the-clock monitoring to be feasible, you’ll need to employ at least a few guards to work on rotating shifts. By contrast, a CCTV system allows you to monitor your premises 24/7 for a higher initial cost but a significantly lower eventual cost.


A security guard might be an intimidating presence when you can see them, but multiple CCTV cameras will be a far more worthy deterrent for most criminals: They can run away from and evade a guard, but once their picture has been captured on camera, the evidence is there.

Many modern CCTV systems can also be fitted with alarms systems and speakers to declare verbal warnings, which will tell the intruders that they are being filmed and the emergency services have been notified.

Risk and reliability

Whilst most trained security guards can handle themselves, there is still a risk to their safety if the intruder has a weapon on them. If your security employee is injured, they will be out of duty for a while and could set back your business a small fortune in legal expenses and damages. Remote CCTV cameras, however, are simple to replace should they be damaged and can even operate on a backup battery. So, even if the power is cut they can carry on recording. There’s also the fact that a camera will never become distracted by the radio or start feeling sleepy after a few hours on the job.


It could be argued that there can be no faster response than having a security guard on the ground, ready to react to an intruder and that remote monitoring will always have a delayed response.

However, a remote system will be able to sense and alert the emergency services without minutes of even the slightest movement being detected. There is also evidence to back up any criminal claims you might need to make after the fact.


There’s no doubt about it, a CCTV solution is simply more convenient than having to hire a dedicated security team. If you have multiple premises to monitor, you can also do so simultaneously from one location and with the improved definition and features (moving the cameras remotely, zooming in and out and automatic night-vision) afforded by modern systems, there really should be no contest.

A CCTV solution is a flexible, affordable, reliable and convenient alternative to manned security that every business should at least consider.

So, if you’re in the market for a professional security solution and you’re on the fence about whether to go for man or machine, you’ll always get a more reliable and affordable experience with the latter.