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Commercial Fire Extinguishers for Businesses in London

We Supply, Install and Maintain Fire Extinguishers in North London

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  • We Are Your Local Fire Extinguisher Supplier for Businesses

  • We’ll Identify the Quantity and Type of Fire Extinguishers You Need to Protect Your People and Premises, and to Remain Compliant with Fire Safety Regulations

  • We Will Service and Maintain Extinguishers Supplied by Other Companies

  • We Are Your One Stop Shop for Fire and Security Solutions – One Invoice, One Site Visit, One Engineer

  • Competitively Priced. Leasing Options Available.

  • 30 Years’ Experience in Fire Safety in North London

  • Good Availability and Flexibility in Appointments – We’ll Work Around Your Schedule

  • We’ll Work Within Your Budget and Won’t Oversell You Products You Don’t Need

  • No Mess, No Disruption Installation – We’ll Clear Up Before We Leave

Fire extinguishers are one of the most important pieces of fire safety equipment any business or commercial property can provide. To stay compliant with fire safety laws, you must supply the correct types of fire extinguishers and the minimum legal number of extinguishers to keep your visitors and building safe from fire.

At Lee Fire & Security, we have over 30 years of experience in fire safety, supplying, installing, and servicing fire extinguishers to commercial buildings throughout North London.

Our BAFE accredited team will ensure that your commercial property holds the required number, type, and weight of extinguishers for your specific requirements.

If you’re looking for an accredited fire safety company near you in North London, who supplies, installs, and services fire extinguishers at a competitive price, contact Lee Fire & Security today on: 0800 731 3365 or fill out our contact form.

Our Commercial Fire Extinguisher Services

Supplying Fire Extinguishers to Businesses in London:

  • We only supply kitemarked extinguishers, which meet British standards
  • We supply extinguishers for all fire types, including:
    • Water – for combustible materials, such as paper or wood
    • Foam – for combustible materials and flammable liquids
    • Dry Powder – for combustible materials, flammable liquids, flammable gases, flammable metals, and electrical equipment
    • CO2 – for flammable liquids and electrical equipment
    • Wet Chemical – for combustible materials and deep fat fryers
  • We supply commercial properties of any size, including:
    • Fire extinguishers for offices
    • Fire extinguishers for warehouses
    • Fire extinguishers for retail
    • Fire extinguishers for industrial units
    • Fire extinguishers for shops
    • Fire extinguishers for small businesses
    • Fire extinguishers for care homes
    • Fire extinguishers for hotels
    • Fire extinguishers for schools, colleges, and Universities
    • Fire extinguishers for health facilities, dentists, GP surgeries, and clinics

Installing Fire Extinguishers to Businesses in North London

  • We are your local BAFE accredited fire extinguisher company in North London

  • We will remove and replace any existing fire extinguishers

  • We will ensure you are compliant with fire safety regulations

  • We will install the correct number and type of extinguishers in the correct locations

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance for Businesses in North London

Fire extinguisher servicing is obligatory under the Fire Safety Order of 2005 and all business environments must make provision for portable fire extinguishers.

It is estimated that 4 out of 5 small fires are put out by extinguishers before the fire brigade is called out or arrives.

This is why it’s vitally important to not only have the correct number, type, and location of fire extinguishers, but also to have them maintained so they work when they’re needed.

  • All extinguisher parts are fully serviced
  • Fire extinguishers are checked internally and externally for signs of corrosion
  • You are given a certificate of inspection so that you have a legal record of your extinguisher service
  • We can service all types of fire extinguishers, even if they are not supplied by us

Fire Extinguisher Hire for Businesses in North London

Reduce your capital expenditure burden by leasing your fire extinguishers from us rather than buying upfront.

We offer cost effective leasing options for all our fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems for businesses and commercial properties. Our fire equipment leasing options are a straightforward, cost-effective way for you to easily install or upgrade your fire extinguishers.

Our fire safety equipment leasing service is an attractive alternative to purchasing fire extinguishers by removing the initial upfront investment and allowing you to spread the cost in monthly or yearly instalments.

Lee Fire & Security’s leasing contracts are subject to credit checks and specific criteria. All payment plans are regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA).

FAQs for Commercial Fire Extinguishers

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