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CCTV is one of the most important tools available to protect your premises and everyone under your care against theft, vandalism and harm. Highly effective as both a deterrent and when providing evidence in the event of an incident, CCTV a proven and trusted security method, and Lee Fire & Security are experts in installing and maintaining them to the highest standard and most suitable specification for you.

With our 30 years’ experience in CCTV, we have seen video monitoring systems evolve from unreliable, expensive technology to highly modern and interactive systems easily within reach of everyone looking to protect their people and property. We can install and maintain systems with a vast range of features such as wireless connectivity, live feeds and mobile device interaction, making them ideal for modern operations and home users.

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Modern, Effective And Totally Dependable

Some of the features of our systems can include:

  • Fixed and high speed dome cameras

  • A range of visible prominence, from totally hidden to maximum presence as a deterrant

  • Wired or wireless installations

  • Immediate intruder detection

  • Remote monitoring and police alert systems

  • Audible warning systems to let the intruder know that they are being watched, or even that the police have been informed

  • Non-stop recording and instant playback

  • Fast image search and high resolution images suitable for evidence

  • Integral hard drives, or recording to a location of your choice

  • Automatic monitoring and focus on triggered areas

From full multi-camera installations at complex locations to single cameras for fundamental protection of small areas, our CCTV installations will ensure that you are protected suitably, with the maximum level of control and flexibility available.

From single camera to a fully networked estate, our easy to use digital CCTV systems will provide you with complete control and flexibility to protect your staff and site.

CCTV And The Law

It is a legal requirement to inform anybody in a CCTV monitored area that they are being recorded. This can be as simple as placing signs at the entrance to a CCTV monitored zone clearly stating that the area is monitored. We can advise on signage and recommend the most suitable and compliant method for you. This also includes areas where audio is being recorded.

For further information about this or any of our CCTV services, please feel free to speak to one of our team on 0800 731 3365 or contact us online.

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