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For Maximum Control And Security

If you need to secure and control access to your premises, Lee Fire & Security offers a range of solutions which can be custom tailored to your requirements. From simple PIN combination locks to state-of-the-art audio/video control systems, we can provide access control systems for any budget or existing infrastructure.

Electronic Access Control

Our Electronic access control systems can be provided in a number of configurations, including swipe card entry and PIN number access. We can provide systems which provide customisable levels of access for cardholders in different areas of your premises, and enable users and cards to be locked out of areas at your discretion. Access cards can be cancelled at any time, ensuring that the security of your business is always within your control.

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Versatility and Dependability

We can install and maintain systems which can be administered and monitored remotely, from anywhere in the world. Access events can be logged and displayed on a screen of your specification. Events can also be triggered when an attempt is made to force an access door open, or when a door is held or propped open for a period of time. Using universal smart cards, access can be controlled to any integrated systems on your site, including car parks, computer systems and vending machines.

We are also able to install and maintain physical and optical barrier systems to control pedestrian and employee access, and automated vehicle gates to control commuter and freight access to your site.

For further information about our electronic access control systems, feel free to contact us today to speak to a member of our team about your requirements.

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Audio Entry Systems

Our audio entry systems can control access to your site, ranging from simple push-button audio buzzers to audio intercom systems. Ideal for multiple applications such as private car park access, and access to residential buildings and offices, audio entry systems are a tried and proven effective method of controlling access to your premises.

Our more state-of-the-art systems can integrate the capability to call a mobile phone or landline anywhere in the world, so you can always control access to your premises remotely, regardless of where you are.

For further information about our audio access control systems, feel free to contact us today to speak to a member of our team about your requirements.

Video Entry and Combined Video/Audio Systems

For complete control of access to your premises, we can install video and video/audio access control systems. Featuring high definition video streaming, these systems offer the ultimate in versatility, providing both conventional fixed-screen broadcasting and the capability to make video calls to mobile handsets anywhere in the world.

These systems can enable versatile, maximum control of access to your property, and also record video which can be used as evidence should it be required for any purpose.
For further information about Video Access systems or any of our Access Control services, please feel free to speak to one of our team on 0800 731 3365 or contact us online.