Is integrated security a good fit for your home?

Is integrated security a good fit for your home

The world we live in isn’t getting any safer with burglaries happening once every 108 seconds in the UK. And if we go by West Midland police’s numbers, 88% of all cases are closed without even identifying a suspect.

“While you may picture burglars as criminal masterminds, the reality is over a quarter of UK burglaries are a result of simply forcing entry,” points out Property Reporter. It takes just seconds for someone to kick your front door open if the right precautions aren’t in place.”

The truth is, there are lots of ways to make your home safer. But the fact remains that home security systems are not a luxury, but a necessity. And the towering crime rate suggests that it is a national concern.

So, can integrating a multifaceted approach to security into your whole-home solution be an easy fix to your safety concerns? Let’s find out!

What is integrated security?

Whole-home security or integrated security is a comprehensive approach to protecting your home from potential threats. It isn’t just about the security system itself; it combines all the standard security features a home needs in one package.

The approach relies on multiple layers of protection, including alarms, and perimeter monitoring, remote access, smoke and heat sensors, glass-break detectors, door and window sensors that prevent break-ins, flood and freeze detection, and even smouldering fire detection.

Integrated security is a combination of alarm, video, and audio surveillance systems. Together, they offer a sensible approach to home security.

They are more responsive to unusual activities than standard security systems, and are, therefore, ideal for modern homes and lifestyles.

When should you go for an integrated security system?

Integrated systems communicate with every device within the system to work together. But the challenge is that it is kind of a “big picture” solution. You ought to identify the components you need before figuring out how to integrate them into your home to actually benefit from your system. So, it may not be for everyone.

To help you decide, we have compiled a list of few instances when integrated security is a good fit for your home.

You want to keep a record of all visitors

Controlling when someone enters and exits your property is paramount. And you need to make sure your home is secure even when no one is around.

An integrated security system can help you do that. For instance, video surveillance can act as a crucial tool if there is a break-in and the police need to figure out how the perpetrator entered the house.

This could be a fence, a door or even an unlocked window – all things that an entry/exit log can help you record.

You want accurate data on every activity

You may want a home alarm and think that is enough or want a smart door lock but can’t decide if cameras are right for you. But a customised system can provide you with complete security under one roof.

Integrated security offers you a complete visual and data overview of each system that is running. It gives you access to accurate data on every activity that happens on your property and also allows you to cross-reference data from cameras, door sensors, and more.

You want to record conversations

Video surveillance with no audio is not always enough. While it is great to know who came and went (and when), you also want to know what they did on your property.

Audio can be that extra peace of mind you need to know what is happening outside the home. It is great for catching the details that may get overlooked in videos and can be incredibly helpful in investigations.

You need a proactive approach to security

It is impossible to be reactive and expect your home and family to be safe. You need to implement a proactive approach that helps you anticipate possible danger before it happens.

This means installing cameras that record 24/7, floodlights, fibre-optic lasers, motion detectors, and much more. An integrated security system will help you secure every corner of your property and give you the freedom of feeling safe no matter where you are.

Remember, when it comes to security, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

You want a centralised security system

Integrated security comprises various security components including cameras, infrared motion sensors, smoke detectors and alarms, door contacts, glass breakage detectors, environmental meters and home automation control. And they are all connected to a single point of control.

A centralized system is easy to use as it gives you flexibility because the components are not installed independently; instead, they are connected for better efficiency.

This means you won’t have system coordination issues or worry about maintaining separate accounts with multiple providers – it is all included!

You don’t want to spend a fortune on home security

Despite the benefits, most homeowners are still concerned about the cost of installing an integrated home security system. So, they usually opt for a standard, off-the-shelf solution.

While the upfront cost may seem cheaper, it can quickly become expensive when you decide to add a host of additional features to your system for extra security. Since you will host your entire system with the same provider, you might get a packaged deal and save a ton on security.

Integrated security solution for every home

Home security is not as simple as installing an alarm system and calling it a day.

Protecting you, your loved ones, and your property is our top priority here at Lee Security. That’s why we are so proud of our customized security solutions. We don’t just assume that a cookie-cutter system will work flawlessly every time.

Instead, we study your requirements and come up with a security solution that will meet both the specific needs of your home and your family’s unique lifestyle. Get in touch with Lee Security today to lock in your family’s safety needs.