8 reasons why your home security system could fail

8 reasons why your home security system could fail

If you’ve recently invested in a home security system then you might be content to sit back and let your snazzy new security system do all the work for you. However, no matter how reliable and to secure your brand new home security system might be, no system is infallible. That’s why we’ve gathered below a number of the most common reasons that your system could fail and highlighted a few ways you could prevent them from happening.

False alarms – It’s a known fact that false alarms cost the security industry a small fortune every year. These can be avoided by investing in more stable systems and making sure the firmware is up to date.

In addition, you may also want to make sure any motion sensors are properly configured, as otherwise, you could have the neighbourhood cats setting off your alarms and upsetting your neighbours.

Neglect – Whilst they will certainly offer valuable peace of mind and can be incredibly powerful in terms of features and reliability, one mistake many homeowners make after installing a security system is that they neglect to learn how to use it and how to maintain it.

Regular maintenance is perhaps the single most important thing to consider if you want your security system to work when required. When shopping around for your system, also ensure that you’re getting what you need and are not going for a feature-packed solution that will confuse and frustrate you. Also, once it’s installed – make sure you ask the installer how to use it.

Bad recording – Just because you’re seeing a security camera that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s recording and just because it’s recording it doesn’t mean that the image quality is going to be useable. Ensure that your cameras are cleaned regularly to avoid ‘foggy’ image capture and that the recording system is running as it should be.

Obstruction – A common reason for CCTV security cameras failing to capture a burglary (or potential burglary) is that the cameras are obstructed in some way.

Over time, the world around your home will change and trees could grow to block the field of vision. The cameras themselves could even be knocked out of place by strong weather. That’s why it’s crucial to constantly check your cameras to make sure their feeds are clear.

Battery – Whilst they might be less frequent now than they were years ago, power outages are still a relatively common occurrence. If the event of a power cut, it’s vital that your security system comes equipped with batteries that will allow it to remain operational even if it’s not receiving mains power. Low batteries are also a common problem (particularly in alarms and control panels).

No integration – A decent home security system is not a solo operation, it’s about numerous parts working together in harmony. That’s why it’s important to ensure that every aspect of your system is working seamlessly together.

Smart technology has made this much simpler in recent years, as it’s now quite easy to sync your security system to your lighting to create pre-set ‘routines’ for whenever you’re out of the house. Many modern systems can also be controlled via your phone either on-site or remotely.

Communication breakdown – Many security systems will rely on a connected network to operate at their fullest potential. This is particularly true with wireless security systems, which can run into difficulties regarding network interference.

Wired systems are less prone to these issues, but if the different parts of your system are somehow cut off from one another then they won’t be able to offer you an optimum service.

Forgetfulness – It’s surprisingly common for homeowners to forget the codes used to arm their security systems, which can be particularly frustrating when you’re trying to hastily remember the code whilst your alarm is blaring out across the neighbourhood.

However, this can be mitigated by investing in a security system that can be remotely armed and activated via your smart device. Finally, perhaps one of the most common reasons for a security system to fail is simply because owners forget to arm them.

If you’re going to go through the expense and the trouble of installing a security system then make sure you remember to arm it whenever you leave your home.