Alternate uses for your CCTV

Alternate uses for your CCTV

There are thousands of us across the country that use CCTV to protect our homes and our businesses.

They have been keeping burglars at bay for generations now but (and this is particularly true of more modern models) did you know they were useful for more than just catching out criminals?

Here, we’ll be exploring a few of the ways you could be using your CCTV security system to make your life easier without investing in any more equipment.

Nanny cam

Why waste money on a bespoke nanny cam to keep an eye on your baby (or puppy) when you can utilise your existing setup?

Many of the more modern security systems allow users to access and control their cameras from smartphone apps.

So, whether you’re downstairs watching television or having a meal across town (and don’t trust the babysitter 100%) this is a powerful option.

Neighbourhood watch

With so many of us spending more time at home these days (thanks for that, coronavirus) it’s never been more important to get on with our neighbours. In the old days “Neighbourhood Watch” meant patrolling the streets with a torch and calling next door if you spotted some shady characters lurking in the bushes.

With smartly-placed CCTV, however, you can patrol the neighbourhood from the comfort of your own living room.


In the event of a natural disaster or a car accident on your driveway, CCTV provides excellent documentation of accidents that could prove invaluable in court.

Photographic evidence is pretty difficult to deny and will help you and your neighbours to process claims a lot faster.

Keeping an eye out while you’re away

This one might not be relevant for a while but for the next time you’re away from your home for a week or so, it can be quite comforting to know what’s happening when you’re half the world away. Whether you need to check if your kids are throwing a party or let the delivery driver know where to drop a parcel, there’s a real freedom in having round-the-clock access to your front porch.

Looking out for elderly family members

At a certain time in our lives, all of us will have been tasked with looking after an elder family member and it’s a task that can be alleviated somewhat by the right monitoring solution.

Alternative CCTV use allows you to give them their independence while also keeping an eye on them in case they have a fall or become ill.

Precious memories

How many times have you experienced something and wished you could have it saved to watch again and again in years to come? We can’t have our phones out filming 24/7 as it’s simply impractical but our CCTV cameras are always recording.

So, you’ve got a constant stream of timeless memories being recorded for you to potentially backup onto another hard drive and save indefinitely.

We’ve only really scratched the surface here. CCTV security could also be used to help you improve your diet and posture and even to help navigate murky waters when installed on boats. All we wanted to do here was underline what powerful and flexible tools they really are.