How to Choose the Right Access Control System for your Commercial Premises

Access control systems are a great way for companies to control who can enter their building or a specific area within the building itself.

However, choosing the right access control system for your commercial premises can seem like a daunting task. With so many different variations and uses, how do you choose the correct access system for you and your requirements?

At Lee Fire and Security, our expert engineers have been helping businesses throughout North London find the best solution for their access control needs since 1983.

In this article, we will discuss the key features and benefits to consider when selecting an access control system for your business.

  1. Keypad access control systems
  •   Budget Friendly
  •   Easy to Install
  •   Simple to Use

× Codes Can Be Shared, Reducing Effectiveness


One of the most budget-friendly and easy to implement forms of access control used by commercial or office buildings is a keypad door entry system, whereby the door keypad requires a unique code to be typed in before granting access.

This simple yet effective method is a tried and tested type of access control that has been successfully used for decades.


  1. Smart card access control systems
  •  Easy to Install
  •  Simple to Use

×  Cards are Easily Misplaced or Lost

×  All Employees Will Need to be Allocated a Card


Another form of access control often used by businesses is a smart card control system. Smart card systems require a card with a magnetic strip or electronic chip that is read by a magnetic reading head or electronic control pad. These data bearing cards are usually swiped or tapped to grant access to that specific card user making it a quick and easy form of access control.


  1. Automated Electronic Gates
  •  Extremely Robust Security Measure

×  More Expensive Than Other Access Control Systems to Install and Maintain


Automatic electric gate entry systems are a great investment for any business that wishes to control access to their building and grounds. A secure security gate system ensures no unwelcome visitors can enter your premises without an ID card, electronic fob, or pin number.

The presence of a security gate, whether it’s a metal sliding gate, swing gate, or wooden gate is known to deter criminals who may be contemplating trespassing on you land. Entrance security gates also provide privacy from prying eyes who may be trying to ascertain how to gain access to your premises.


  1. Video & Audio Entry Access Systems
  •  Visibility of All Visitors to the Building
  •  Easily Monitored from a Single Interface or Mobile Device


Many modern video access control systems now come with integrated intercoms, providing the receiver with live audio and visual of the visitor at the entry point. These dual access control systems enable employees to physically see and speak to those wanting to enter your premises without leaving the security of the building.

The use of high definition video in access control systems also provides businesses with the option of recorded evidence and can be used for the identification of an unauthorised person within the building or for the purpose of vehicle recognition from outside the premises.


Providing Peace of Mind

Whether it’s a simple keypad door entry control system or a fully integrated smart access control system, access control of any kind helps business owners and staff regulate who can enter your grounds or building, and when.  These systems provide companies and employees alike with the peace of mind that they are safe at work.


With over 35 years of experience in the fire safety and security sectors, Lee Fire and Security provides comprehensive access control systems for businesses and homes throughout North London.


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