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Lee Fire & Security is committed to delivering reliable and efficient fire and security solutions in Wood Green and the surrounding North London Area. We address various needs, be it protection from fires, intruders, or providing overall peace of mind regarding the security of your property. Our dedicated team of experts possesses extensive skills and experience in all facets of fire and security services.

From meticulous planning and installation to ongoing maintenance and repair, we have the proficiency to manage every aspect of your project. Additionally, with 24/7 monitoring services at your disposal, you can trust that your property will be safe and secure even when vacant.

Situated in the Haringey borough of North London, Wood Green is a lively district positioned around 6 miles north of Charing Cross. Celebrated for its diverse community, energetic atmosphere, and a variety of amenities, Wood Green combines urban living with accessible green spaces for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Alexandra Park, a multifaceted landscape park, features a boating lake, a farmers' market, and stunning panoramic views of London.

For residents and business owners in Wood Green, investing in premium security systems extends beyond deterring potential threats—it ensures prompt responses, remote monitoring, and effective crime prevention. As trusted local security professionals, Lee Fire & Security offers residents and business owners peace of mind, actively contributing to a safer and more secure community.

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Secure your home or business in Wood Green with an intruder alarm system endorsed by both the police and insurers, courtesy of Lee Fire & Security. Committed to protecting your family, employees, and valuable assets, our team of alarm engineers employs cutting-edge technology and utilises NSI-approved alarm monitoring services, ensuring continuous protection for your premises, 24/7.

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CCTV Systems in Wood Green

Safeguard your home or business with our advanced CCTV systems. Offering a diverse array of high-definition cameras, our intelligent CCTV systems offer a comprehensive enhancement in security for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Stay connected and in control through user-friendly mobile smart apps, allowing you to effortlessly monitor your property at any time and from any location.

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Intercom Systems & Access Control in Wood Green

Effectively oversee access points at your home or business by utilising our selection of intercom and access control systems. Our team of certified access control installers offers personalised solutions to suit your specific needs and budget. Whether it's deterring unauthorised access to a building or regulating access points for specific individuals, we've got you covered.

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Fire Protection & Safety Services in Wood Green

Safeguard your business in Wood Green with reliable fire safety solutions from Lee Fire & Security. Serving as the local partner for all your fire safety needs, our team of highly trained engineers offers personalised fire safety services to business owners, landlords, and responsible persons in Wood Green.

Encompassing a comprehensive array of commercial fire safety services in Wood Green, we handle everything from installing and maintaining fire extinguishers to conducting thorough fire risk assessments, along with the maintenance of emergency lighting and the installation and regular testing of fire alarms. Each fire service provided by Lee Fire & Security is customised to meet your specific requirements and ensure compliance with current fire safety regulations.

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