You’re covered – The benefits of a security maintenance contract

You’re covered – The benefits of a security maintenance contract

There are few inconveniences as inconvenient as dealing with downtime when it comes to our security systems. If the security system is out of commission then it’s not only going to be incredibly disruptive while you sort the problem but it leaves your business open to potential criminal threats.

Hours can be spent finding the right paperwork, making sure you’re calling the right people who will diagnose the problem without charging you a small fortune for a small fix. That, in a nutshell, is why so many companies choose to cover themselves with a maintenance contract for their security system.

The benefits of a maintenance contract include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

They know you and your system

If you take out a maintenance contract with the company that installed your security system then you know 100% that they will know your system better than anyone else. Even you. That way you can be secure in the knowledge that they know what they’re doing and will be able to sort any problems or queries without fail.

Unlimited access

Those with a contract will always be put ahead of those without and will be given access to not only a regular telephone support line but an out-of-hours emergency line too. Maintenance contract holders will also be given a specific response window that will assure their problems will be dealt with promptly.

Regular maintenance

As the contract name implies, a maintenance contract means regular maintenance inspections depending on the size and scale of your system. That could mean anything from one or two to four inspections per year.

Like-for-like replacement

Any faulty security equipment will be replaced like-for-like or with a more capable and modern alternative if the situation calls for it. As you’ll have taken your contract out with the initial supplier, you’ll also be assured any replacement parts will be compatible.


Contract holders will receive regular newsletters informing them of all the latest NPCC changes and other legislation, as well as news regarding the company and the wider world of security in general. They will also be privy to free expert advice.

Cost savings

While it might seem like a major investment at first, a maintenance contract will almost always save you money in the long term. Waiting until “the other shoe drops” might seem tempting but think of it as insurance. You’re paying for peace of mind so that if something does go wrong it will be taken care of and you won’t be left with an eye-watering bill.

Building a relationship

If you can build a decent foundational relationship with your security system supplier then you are always going to get a better level of service. They will have spent time acquainting themselves with you and your business and know exactly how best to solve a problem as it relates to you specifically.