How to Keep Your Business Safe Over Summer

Security surveillance camera against a blue sky

As the summer season arrives and we all look forward to trips away and leaving work promptly to enjoy the early evening sun, it’s important to think about the increased security risks that the summertime can potentially bring to your business.

Here’s some useful tips on how to keep your business safe over the summer.

Lock windows and doors

The sun is shining, the building is heating up, windows are opened wide, and doors propped open to allow a flow of air through your office, warehouse, or shop.  These summer cooldown techniques all leave your business more susceptible to security risks.

One of the simplest ways to ensure that windows and doors are safely secured at the end of each working day is by insisting that they are all locked before the last person leaves the premises. The action of locking a window or door means that staff will physically have to try each opening rather than just visually checking.  We’d also recommend allocating this responsibility to a specific individual, as introducing accountability to the process is more likely to ensure the checks are done.

Install a CCTV system

The installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) can be an immediate crime deterrent for any business. Most criminals will not want to be captured on camera when committing a criminal offense and will therefore move on from your premises to a less well protected one.

Invest in a smart security system

Smart security systems allow you to keep an eye on your business and premises wherever you are in the world via your mobile device or tablet.  Not only can you receive alerts and notifications when alarms or sensors are activated, but where CCTV is installed, you can also view a live feed of the building – a great way to keep your business safe during the summertime.  From the perspective of employee productivity and health and safety, smart security systems are also really useful – they allow you to quickly identify potential issues or downtime so that you can take remedial steps.

Regularly service your intruder alarm system

The regular servicing of your business’s intruder alarm system can be crucial when it comes to crime prevention. When breached, correctly functioning alarm sensors will trigger your burglar alarm, alerting local authorities and those nearby of any potential break ins.  It is not uncommon for a company to invest in an intruder alarm system but then fail to ensure it is regularly serviced, rendering the system (and the investment) useless in the event of an issue or failure.

Maintain exterior security lighting

The maintenance of your external security lighting is one of the simplest ways to keep your business safe during the summertime. A correctly working, well maintained exterior security light system will ensure any intruder is easily identifiable by passers-by and on CCTV systems, thereby acting as a useful deterrent.

Lock laptops and valuable goods away from sight

A very simple but oft overlooked security precaution that any business can take is to securely lock your laptops and valuables away from view at the end of the working day or night. Locking expensive equipment away may deter a burglar from breaking into your business, and even if an intruder happens to gain access, they will not be able to easily locate or access valuable items.

Keep hedges and bushes maintained

Overgrown bushes or hedging can provide great cover for intruders wanting to go undetected on your business’s premises. Regular maintenance and pruning of onsite vegetation are one of the simplest and most cost-effective security measures any business can take – particularly during the summer months when bushes and hedgerows tend to grow more quickly.

Don’t advertise business closures on social media or online channels

As most of our lives are now publicised on social media and communicated via emails and newsletters, it’s an easy opportunity for thieves to keep tabs on when a business is open and closed. If your business is closing over the summertime, our simple advice is not to advertise it on any social media channels or online communications.

Keep your business safe this summer with Lee Fire & Security

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