Summer Security Tips for Your Business

Summer Security Tips for Your Business Blog

As the summer season approaches and businesses prepare for warmer weather and longer daylight hours, it’s important to remain vigilant against potential security threats that accompany this time of year. At Lee Fire & Security, we understand the importance of safeguarding your business premises and assets year-round.

Here are valuable tips to help ensure your business remains secure throughout the summer:

Secure Windows and Doors:

With warmer weather, it’s tempting to open windows and doors for ventilation. Ensure all entry points are locked securely at the end of each day. Assigning responsibility to a specific person enhances accountability and ensures thorough checks are performed.

Install CCTV Systems:

Investing in a CCTV system acts as a powerful deterrent against criminal activity. The presence of cameras can dissuade potential intruders and provide crucial evidence in the event of a security breach.

Opt for Smart Security Solutions:

Smart security systems offer real-time monitoring and alerts directly to your mobile device. Stay connected to your business premises remotely and respond promptly to any security alerts or incidents.

Regularly Service Intruder Alarm Systems:

Maintain the effectiveness of your intruder alarm by scheduling regular alarm servicing. A well-maintained system ensures prompt detection of unauthorised access and notifies authorities swiftly.

Maintain Exterior Security Lighting:

Properly functioning exterior lights enhance visibility around your premises, deterring intruders by making them more visible to passers-by and surveillance systems.

Secure Valuables:

Keep laptops and valuable items out of sight and securely locked away after hours. This simple step can significantly reduce the attractiveness of your business to potential burglars.

Trim Hedges and Bushes:

Regularly prune vegetation surrounding your property to eliminate potential hiding spots for intruders, particularly during the summer months when growth is rapid.

Avoid Publicising Business Closures:

Be cautious about sharing business closures on social media or online platforms. This information can be used by opportunistic thieves to target unattended premises.

Keep Your Business Safe with Lee Fire & Security:

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