Summer Security Tips for Your Business

Summer Security Tips for Your Business Blog

As the summer season approaches and businesses prepare for warmer weather and longer daylight hours, it’s important to remain vigilant against potential security threats that accompany this time of year. At Lee Fire & Security, we understand the importance of safeguarding your business premises and assets year-round. Here are valuable tips to help ensure your…

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How to Choose the Right Intruder Alarm for Your Business

If there’s one thing all business owners can agree on, it’s that crime isn’t good for business. If you’re looking to avoid the time, money and resources that go into dealing with break-ins and theft, intruder alarms are an affordable and effective crime deterrent for your commercial space. With crime against businesses still being a…

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The Fire Safety Regulations 2022

Fire safety engineers completing a fire risk assessment for the new Fire Safety Regulations 2022

The Fire Safety Regulations 2022 From 23 January 2023, the Fire Safety Regulations 2022 will be coming into force. These new regulations have been implemented following the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and require responsible persons of high-rise residential buildings as well as those above 11 metres in height, to provide additional safety measures and information on…

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5 Benefits of Having CCTV Installed at Your Business

A commercial CCTV system (Closed Circuit Television) benefits businesses and commercial buildings in many ways. Regardless of the industry sector, location or size, CCTV cameras have become a vital piece of security equipment to safeguard staff, visitors, equipment, and premises alike. Not only do CCTV cameras help deter crime, but they also provide many other…

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Notice of Bank Detail Changes

Lee Fire & Security Announcement of New Bank Details We wish to advise our customers of the following changes to Lee Fire & Security bank details. Please amend your records to make sure all future payments are debited/credited to our new account.   New Account Details:   Bank: HSBC A/C No: 04149599 Sort Code: 40-42-18…

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What fire extinguishers should your business have?

Fire extinguishers are an essential piece of fire safety equipment at any business. Designed to control the spread, and intensity of fire, extinguishers are there to protect your employees, assets, and premise from the devastating impacts of fire. Due to their integral role in fire protection, Fire extinguishers are also a legal requirement for businesses…

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How to Choose the Right Access Control System for your Commercial Premises

Access control systems are a great way for companies to control who can enter their building or a specific area within the building itself. However, choosing the right access control system for your commercial premises can seem like a daunting task. With so many different variations and uses, how do you choose the correct access…

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The Importance of a Fire Risk Assessment

Man checking fire extinguishers

By law, all organisations must complete an annual fire risk assessment to identify areas of risk within their operation and premises. However, fire risk assessments are more than simply a box-ticking exercise; their findings are of vital importance to the safety of your employees and premises. At Lee Security, we’ve been helping businesses throughout North…

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How to Keep Your Business Safe Over Summer

Security surveillance camera against a blue sky

As the summer season arrives and we all look forward to trips away and leaving work promptly to enjoy the early evening sun, it’s important to think about the increased security risks that the summertime can potentially bring to your business. Here’s some useful tips on how to keep your business safe over the summer.…

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